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Prof. Ely Levine, antennas expert
  • Prof. Ely Levine is a well-known expert in antennas and radio engineering. He holds a BSEE and a MSEE degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Haifa, Israel and PhD in applied physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

  • Prof. Levine held senior development positions in leading electronics companies (Elta, Elop and others).

  • He joined Afeka Academic College of Engineering, Tel Aviv in 2006 where he teaches Communications, Antennas, Microwave systems and components, Wireless radio and Radar systems.

  • He published more than 80 papers and conference proceedings and co-authored four books.

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Prof. Ely Levine, antennas expert
  • Michmas Electronics specializes in electronic circuits design, layout, production and assembly.

  • They overview of the entire process and enables us to perform each stage with skill and expertise, beginning at the design electronic circuit stage through to the finished product.

  • We have utilized their Turnkey Solutions as well as when ordering design and production modules per our specific needs and requirements.

  • We have used them for our Boards design and layout, production and assembly of printed circuit boards, design, engineering and production (mechanical and electronic) and advanced engineering systems as well as selection and purchase of components.

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Michmas Electronics

Michmas Electronics

  • Special expertise's in:

  • PCB design utilities

  • 25+ RF layers design

  • Analog circuit design

  • High frequency layout

  • Advanced routing techniques-timing

  • Simulation

  • Library management

  • Netlist & mechanical design

  • Covered Board layout guidelines for Signal Integrity and EMI control.

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Zahi Zloter
  • Itzhak Zloter – signal analysis and DF expert: experienced entrepreneur, innovator and CTO. Founded the first Hi-Tech company ever sold in Israel to a Chinese company (2010, Pegasus Technologies – to Yifang Digital, ultrasound DF).

  • Skilled at execution from ideas to product thru the complete life cycle of a product.

  • Experience in all disciplines of R&D in electronic, mechanic and software products. Skilled at identifying market needs and defining marketing driven solutions.

Zahi Zloter

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