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HISEP elements for E-textile, wearable, integrated

sensors testing

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Sensors integration

  • Motion/ tilt sensors for DF 

  • Pressure sensors for DFStretch sensors for DF 

  • Compass for DF 

  • use of sound sensor for DF

  • Light sensor for DF 

Different types of environmental sensors (for example temperature, light, sound, air quality, air flow) – directionally-aware environmental sensors: 


  • Integration of sensors with the DF system in a smart cloth 

  • Testing environmental conditions in various everyday life environments – malls, coffee shops, restaurants, dining areas in malls

  • Analyzing effect of changes in environmental conditions on personal subjective feelings of different people

  • Analyzing integration of DF system with camera sensor

  • Analyzing integration of DF system with distance measurement sensor (laser, UWB)

  • Integrating RF sniffer sensor

HISEP single antenna DF TAG


HISEP single antenna AOA-DF TAG

SunBeam™ novel RF angle of arrival (AOA) Direction-Finding (DF) technology provides a radar-alike display, and it is based on taking advantage of the direct Peer-2-Peer wireless communication between devices and it works in any protocols and frequencies up to 300GHz 

The result – combination of unique HW, SW, & UI


Overcoming the challenges and enabling them to COEXIST, is our KEY ASSET!

These unique assets enable to find the true, reliable relative directions, relative distances and heights differences

By doing so, there is need to deploy infrastructure, to create updated maps, and to maintain updated databases. 

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