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The way FITBIT changed how we track & use our personal fitness data -


Clothcall will do for our personal environment convenience…


We see a growing number of environmental sensors that can be integrated in clothes - But how can we enhance the way we use them, to enable more than simple collection of environmental data?


Introducing  Clothcall - An integrated solution, combining environmental sensors with unique Direction-Finding (DF) technology in clothes


For Leisure & everyday life 

Ever set in a coffee shop, movie theatre, conference – and felt too cold/hot/noisy? You wanted to change to a better location in the place – but where is this “better” place that suits your needs?

This is where ClothCall for Leisure comes in – by enabling clothing items to sense the environmental parameters around them, compare them to what other clothes around them measured, and show the wearer the direction to the area in which the environmental conditions suits his needs.

For group sports activities 

We keep adding sensors to help us analyse and improve our performance. Environmental sensors can help us log the effect of the environmental conditions during an activity.


But doing a group sport activity such as running and cycling offer a much broader opportunity to add group-contextual data.


What if you could log your relative position in your running or cycling group for each moment of your activity? What if each member of your sports activity group is wearing a ClothCall garment – enabling the clothes to communicate with each other in real-time during the activity, as well as to create a shared database of the measured parameter, for later-on analysis.


What if you could see how much time you were in the head of your group and when?


What if you could add environmental data context to the relative location data? Were you behind when it was during the windy parts of the route? Did you perform better when you rode on the side, where the temperature was cooler in 3 degrees than the centre of your group? Did you increase you time leading your group over several training cycles?


This is what the combination of our direction-finding technology and environmental sensors does – it create new user experience that enhance the way we did thing until today.

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