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Enabling 360 degrees intuitive  spatial awareness - real true

relative direction, distance and elevation 

between people, products, things (IOT), objects, devices, clothes, wearables.
    - Indoor/urban environment
    - Short range (up to 300 meters)

Highly reflective environments are 

The #1 key challenge to reliable true RF DF ! ! !  


Hisep Technology is a leader in RF-AOA ( angle of arrival )

DF ( direction-finding ) - technologies

Overcoming the reflections/ multipaths phenomeno

We developed a full eco-system - from antenna arrays,


RF channel, sensors, connectivity,


processing algorithms - to full UX, GUI SW, methods and applications.

One of our major unique strength is the understanding of human


natural behavior, the critical connection between the eye-display, and the


need  for simplicity and intuitive operation in all applications 

SunBeam logo.png

SunBeam™ novel RF AOA Direction-Finding (DF) technology provides a radar-alike display, and it is based on taking advantage of the direct Peer-2-Peer wireless communication between devices and it works in any protocols and frequencies up to 300GHz 


SeeBriz  UX and GUI - SeeAround, AIM, NAV application 360 degrees spatial awareness.  

ClothCall logo.png

Introducing  Clothcall - An integrated solution, combining environmental sensors with unique AOA Direction-Finding (DF) technology in clothes

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